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Traditional Dalmatian dishes in a modern way. From now on, you can visit us on the island of Ugljan in Kali. Open 2020

A fairy tale from 2020.

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Traditional Dalmatian dishes in a modern way. From now on, you can visit us on the island of Ugljan in Kali. Open 2020

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We order food exclusively from our domestic suppliers

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The island of Ugljan, more precisely the place Kali are known as a fishing village.

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A combination of Dalmatian and modern cuisine


Modern fish bistro

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The restaurant is designed to be based on the daily menu, with the plan to introduce breakfast so that food is prepared for three main meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Measure 5 LRSR: Shortening the supply chain and marketing of fish and fishery and aquaculture products
Project name: Gugulo
The project is imbued with modern thinking and a combination of traditional and modern catering and will certainly revive the local area by opening stable new jobs, selling fresh fish and fish products, will trigger demand for fresh fish from local fishermen, increase the visibility of tourists staying on the island and wider and create one unavoidable attractive location to which guests will always be happy to return. Long-term cooperation with local fishing crafts and companies guarantees a secure supply of restaurants with fresh fish and top quality fish products, which creates added value in terms of establishing a chain of sales of fresh fish and their own local fish products that find their way to end consumers.

Suppliers: Fishermen’s cooperative Omega 3, Mišlov doo , Imam Moćun doo, Čedo Školjarev, craft for fishing, Knežak, craft for fishing and trade, Ribarsko prerađivački obrt ŠIŠ-MAR vl. Livio Perin.

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